Casa Anita - Corona Del Mar
Penthouse Suite

Casa Anita Penthouse Suite

A penthouse is usually the ultimate dwelling as well as being the highest in the building. Anita 19 is both that and truly spectacular to boot. Three bedrooms on two levels with two ultra modern bathrooms, handpainted sinks and the latest in designer decorative tiles. The living room ceiling rises cathedral-like to the second story roof with a 1/2 ton metal filigree iron chandelier dominating the centre above comfortable easy chairs and couches with a large T.V. in the corner. The kitchen is modern with the latest accessories such as, coffee grinder and everything in between. A gas fireplace for looks is built into the single pillar across the front allowing an unobstructed view from both kitchen and living room of the entire Bay of Banderas including the town. No view surpasses this view in Puerto Vallarta, a heady claim but nevertheless true.

Rates include all taxes.

2 bedrooms + 1 loft + 2.5 bathroom - Sleeps 6

Rates per night

# of People

1 or 2






$150 US
$2775 MX

$160 US
$2975 MX

$170 US
$3175 MX

$180 US
$3375 MX

$190 US
$3575 MX


$200 US
$3700 MX

$210 US
$3900 MX

$220 US
$4100 MX

$230 US
$4300 MX

$240 US
$4500 MX


$180 US
$3330 MX

$190 US
$3530 MX

$200 US
$3730 MX

$210 US
$3930 MX

$220 US
$4130 MX

Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals
3 Months $2700.00 US $3200.00 US
6 Months $2500.00 US $3000.00 US
12 Months $1800.00 US NOT AVAILABLE

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Our Hotel & Suite Amenities

Free parking
3 swimming pools
3 common BBQ grills
A balcony overlooking the ocean
(except Corona 4)
Coin Operated Laundry
A well equipped kitchen
3 patios with view of the bay
A telephone for local and long distance calls
Cable TV
Daily maid service (except holidays)
Lockbox for valuables (Bring your own lock)
Casa Anita and Corona del Mar do not have an elevator